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About CSA

In the growing climate of intolerance, a group of human rights defenders came together in September 2016 to create a network to promote activism to promote progressive discourses in the society in order to build a diverse and tolerant society that values peoples’ fundamental freedoms and respects Human Rights for All.

Center for Social Activism (CSA) envisions a democratic world that is free from any kind of discrimination and governed by the principles of justice and human rights.

CSA’s mission is to promote progressive discourses in order to build a tolerant society that embraces diversity and respects human rights.

Approach of our Work

  • Our decision-making process is principle driven, collective and consensus-orientated.
  • We maintain a gender-inclusive staffing policy that also draws strength from the ethnic and religious diversity of its members.
  • We aim to foster and develop a motivated and committed young generation in Bangladesh who believe in activism and voluntarism.
  • We facilitate collaborative campaigns that effectively integrates and links global human rights and development discourses and also plays a key role in the protection of peoples’ rights on the ground.